Remedial massage is a hands-on therapy that employs techniques aimed at treating specific problems such as tension and pain associated with your muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Through a combination of techniques from western remedial massage & my detailed knowledge of the acupressure points around the body, I have developed a unique style of treatment which can effectively coax muscles back to their normal healthy state. This translates to pain relief, improved flexibility and a feeling of genuine well-being.

Whether your aim is to treat a specific problem or you just wish to relax, revitalize and soothe aching muscles with a full body massage, I can tailor a treatment to suit you.


Pregnancy Massage

I use the Body Support System, which consists of special ergonomic bolsters specifically designed so you may lie comfortably & fully supported on your front to enable me to perform all back massage techniques.


Massage Rates

45 Minutes: $80
60 Minutes: $95
90 Minutes: $125

Rates are for Remedial, Relaxation, Acupressure & Pregnancy Massage.

Please feel free to contact me about longer or shorter sessions.